Elias Winchester is a Elias Winchester is a redneck and a hunter. He lives in the countryside, away from the downtown area of Bladewood City. He was born in the small town of Lonio in 1939. He settled in Bladewood City somewhere in 1970s.

Early Life Edit

Elias Winchester was born to a father, John Winchester, who was a bank owner and a mother, Krystal Winchester,who was a school teacher. John had lost his job after an insider business in the bank that he worked at. The family fell into poverty and it was only up to Krystal to start paying for the family income. Elias had begun selling drugs at the age of 10 to earn himself quite the sum of money that was enough to support the family. Upon asking, he never revealed the source of the drugs. The Winchester household had a weed garden in their backyard.

After earning enough money for the household, Elias had completed his high school by the year 1947. He began finding for jobs but was caught up with the underground scenes of the town. Selling drugs and weed, bullying random citizens and other practices , just to earn himself some cash. He got caught up in gangs of Lonio. He ended up robbing a jewelry store, but the town police were in pursuit. The gang, along with Elias, fleed to a small part of Bladewood City around the 1970s where the cops lost tail on them. Ever since then, Eelis has avoided the idea of going back to Lonio, instead, starting up a weed business in Bladewood. He bought a house on the countryside, where no one would meet him or see him. He started up making his weed garden again and selling it to the gangs and criminals of Bladewood , whom he had real close connections with. He would date a girl named Rosanne, they would eventually get married. Roasanne would file a divorce after 3 years of marriage due to Elias' annoying nature of drug dealing.

Elias had upgraded his tactics as he would go back to robbing shops and even the Bladewood Bank. Hence he had started up a vendetta, a nasty rivalry with the bank owner , Noah Benjamin. Elias soon gained the reputation of a serial killer, as the criminals he hung out with , began to backstab him and run away. Elias would hunt them down, decapitate their heads, bury their bodies in his backyard (under the weed garden) and store the heads in a safe. It was unknown as to why Elias would store heads of his victims in the first place, but the whole thing, as deemed by the Bladewood Central News, was the portrayal of a 'sadistic and a disturbed person.

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